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Thomas Skaria

Thomas Skaria is a multi-talented individual known for his roles as a husband, father, devout follower of Jesus, and a passionate communicator. Residing in the vibrant city of New Delhi, India, Thomas has crafted a rich and impactful life centered around his faith, family values, and various professional pursuits.

As a family man, Thomas wears two essential hats: that of a loving husband and a dedicated father. His commitment to these roles is evident in the way he nurtures his relationships and prioritizes family time.

Faith holds a central place in Thomas's life, as he is a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. This spiritual foundation guides his actions, decisions, and interactions, reflecting his values of love, compassion, and empathy.

Among his many interests, Thomas is an avid cyclist and a connoisseur of street food. He finds joy in exploring the streets of New Delhi, taking in the sights and flavours of the city's bustling life.

One of Thomas's favourite ways to connect with others is over a cup of chai (tea). He values conversations that bridge gaps and fosters meaningful connections, and the simplicity of sharing a cup of tea provides the perfect backdrop for these interactions.

Beyond his personal pursuits, Thomas is a prolific author with four published books to his name. His writing covers a range of topics, often drawing from his experiences, faith, and observations of life. His engaging and informative style, coupled with a touch of humour, makes his books relatable and insightful for a wide audience.

Thomas' skills as a communicator extend beyond the written word. He is renowned for his informative, brilliant, and humorous speaking style. Having served in various organizational and leadership roles, including years as a Pastor, Thomas has honed his ability to connect with diverse audiences and convey complex ideas in an accessible manner.

Currently residing in New Delhi with his wife and children, Thomas Skaria exemplifies a life well-lived—one grounded in faith, family, and meaningful communication. His commitment to his roles as a husband, father, follower of Jesus, author, and communicator has left a lasting impact on those around him and continues to inspire others to lead purposeful and fulfilling lives.