These concise daily devotions have become my spiritual compass, and I hope they serve the same purpose for you, nurturing a strong foundation. Let each day draw us closer to Christ, fostering communion and conversation..Click on any of the red icons below and you may listen in... 

Wisdom is at the heart of proverbs as it delves into matters pertaining to money, relationships, folly, adultery, child rearing, contentment and choosing good companions. The book is indeed a treasure trove of advice. Many choose to read this book monthly, one chapter each a day to be sure to keep oneself abreast with its teachings. Hope you are blessed as we walk through it one day at a time.

Welcome to daily devotions from Psalms - indeed a delightful book. A book that has God’s comfort for each of us for every season of life. Written by David - who has been a fugitive, on the run, an exile over 10 years - has much to speak to us about being abaondoned, being chased around, about injustice, God's silence, God's mysterious ways and God's love. As you listen in, I pray that you will be blessed and encouraged immensely. 

Peter Abelard said - “By doubting, we are led to question, by questioning we arrive at the truth.”  

In this podcast, we will explore matters that matter to the Christian faith. And I hope as we do it, we grow and appreciate our faith and follow our saviour more dearly!